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Kitchen Refurbishment Project

The refurbishment of the ҹѰ kitchen is underway, and will be completed by November 2024.

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The design of the renovated spaces focuses on sustainability and accessibility, ensuring that the social and cultural experience of the ҹѰ community remains at the forefront.

The kitchen refurbishment project is the first result of an in-depth master planning exercise, which has set out key opportunities for growth and development of College spaces. The kitchen refurbishment project takes into consideration ҹѰ's values and the tenets of its strategic plan, and will result in a well-functioning and vibrant student space that also meets the back-of-house requirements of the servery, coffee bar, and bar.

Masterplan  Strategic Plan  

What is under renovation?


The new kitchen will be a highly efficient space with high quality, durable, and low-maintenance surfaces and equipment. The design allows for future growth and higher capacities, and any technology or equipment will be future-proofed. The equipment will be suitable for creating a wide range of meals.

Council Room 

The Council Room will be improved to make it a space suitable for meetings, dining, and a route for service. Improved welfare areas for staff are included in the final design, as well as improved facilities for storage, access, and logistics.

Why these spaces?

Central to the masterplan is a reconfigured and modernised catering provision, which requires refurbishment of the kitchen and increased dining capabilities. The working environment of staff, and provision for improved delivery and storage processes were considered during the design process, and sustainability is reflected throughout.

Where is the food and dining now?

College Dining

A temporary kitchen is in place in the Betty Wu Lee Garden (beside Plommer House) with dining facilities in the Lee Hall. Full menus and opening times are on the Food and Dining page.

Formal Halls

Formal Halls have continued to take place during the refurbishment. You can find out more on our Formal Hall page.



The project officially began with the closure of the old kitchen in December 2023. We have been working with a range of project partners across a number of fields to ensure that the renovation leads on sustainability, functionality, and welfare and access.

Elements of the building plan include:  

→ retention and reuse of the existing building

→ change to induction heating instead of gas

→ opening up the servery to the kitchen for visibility and interactivity

→ improved access to the building through new back-of-house lift

→ increased storage capacity and improved internal circulation    



“I’m thrilled about the kitchen refurbishment project—it’s not just an opportunity to update our existing spaces but also about embracing sustainability and accessibility, and making these working spaces the best they can be for our incredible kitchen team. Food and dining is an integral part of the ҹѰ experience, and I’m very excited for the result at the end of the project.” - Tim Hurst, Head Chef

Scroll through the timeline below to read about key project milestones. 

News and more information about each of our project partners is also linked below.

December 2024
Kitchen Refurb crane

A crane arrives to lift the College's temporary kitchen into the Betty Wu Lee Garden. 


January 2024
Workers in hazmat suits climb on scaffolding

The process of removing asbestos from the original build gets underway. 

February 2024
brick sampling

Brick sampling begins, to try and find new bricks that will most match the colour and texture of those on the existing building. 

March 2024
Construction workers pointing at open hole in building

Demolition commences on the external walls to allow for the placement of a new staircase.

Early April 2024
Scaffolding on side of College building

Scaffolding goes up - the first step in the removal of the roof.

Late April 2024
Fences put up around lawns at ҹѰ

Groundworks on West Court allow for the laying of a new electrical cable, which will feed the power supply to the kitchen equipment.

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